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smallgear.jpg - 16Kb As some of you may know, an interview was done regarding my forthcoming album 'hEgelian diAlectics' and about music authoring and production on RISC OS. I am quite happy with the interview, but it has annoyed me that at the end of the interview several MP3's are offered as an example of what I do and one of these example tracks is -still- unfinished.

So, I've decided to put another track online, which will hopefully serve as a better example of what the combination of Anthem, Lenny's apps Debbie / SysExy and a RISC OS machine can do in terms of modern dance music. In addition, I will be producing a small site right here for the benefit of users wishing to examine some of the inner workings involved in MIDI and Audio sequencing under RISC OS. This will take some time, of which I cannot spare much, so please bear with me.

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